About Us

PressAcademia publishes high quality, high impact, blind peer-reviewed and open access journals, proceedings, books and case studies, and organizes international conferences in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, management and organizations, human reseources, logistics and suppy chain management, marketing and international trade,business and labor law, production and quality management.

PressAcademia adopts a mission of timely processing and blind peer-revied evaluations for all submitted manuscripts and books, hence academic studies and findings could be timely presented and freely downloaded at full text for the diposal of academics, professionals and sectoral researchers.

Advantages of Open Access for Authors

  1. Higher citation impact
    Open access publications are more oftenly cited because of their higher publicity and availability to anyone.
  2. Higher availablity and visibility
    Open Access publishings are freely available and downloadable at full text on the internet. No-one needs to pay a subscription fee or pay-per-view charges to reach the material. Moreover, open access publications are more likely to be indexed in databases and listed in search engines.
  3. Lower publishing costs
    There is one time article processing and handling fee paid by authors for accepted manuscripts which is normally covered by institutions or research funding agencies. The processing fees of open access publications are generally lower than that of the publications on both online and hard copy only.
  4. Shorter publication processing time
    The processing time for open access articles is generally shorter and accepted articles are shortly published online compared to those of traditional journals.
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